About Rapson Loans & Finance

Chris Rapson - Mortgage , Business & Commercial Finance Adviser

  • Registered Financial Adviser (FSP 20481 )
  • Member FSCL ( Dispute Resolution Scheme) #3322

Tristan Hewett - Mortgage, Business & Rural Finance Adviser

  • Authorised Financial Adviser (FSP 554906)
  • Member FSCL ( Dispute Resolution Scheme) #7468

Rapson Loans & Finance Ltd is not affiliated with any particular bank or lender - we are proudly independent and this means we work solely for you , the client.

Location is no barrier

We live and work in our favourite place in New Zealand – Tauranga, in the sunny Bay of Plenty. But location is no barrier - as well as helping people from the Bay of Plenty, we work with clients from all over the country. We also specialise in providing assistance to overseas - based clients ( New Zealanders & non New Zealanders alike) looking to buy a property in New Zealand.

We are passionate about helping people in the area of lending finance, and our extensive experience allows us to help people avoid the potential pitfalls by offering practical advice, expertise and financial wisdom.

Mortgage Adviser Services:

What does a Mortgage Adviser do?

Rapson Loans and Finance has the experience and advice to help everyone with loans and mortgages, especially with regards to property. As successful mortgage advisers we help:

We offer an essential range of financial services that will assist you in achieving your dreams.

The bank pays for this mortgage adviser service not you, so please include Rapson Loans & Finance in the lending decision before you commit to purchasing a property.

Free Consultation

We will arrange for a completely free, no obligation consultation. The fee for our services is usually met by the lender. That’s right – the banks pay us to help you.

But sometimes it costs - in our experience, less than 2% of our clients have to pay a fee. We will always advise and discuss this important matter upfront with clients if our time is not free. 

We are independent advisers and are here to help you. Send us an email or give us a call and we will show you how experience and knowledge can work for you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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