Lending Guides and Frequently Asked Questions on Borrowing

We have 2 FAQ Guides for lending and a list of great reasons to use the services of a Mortgage Adviser. These FAQ are questions and answers as a taste of the advice we can assist with regarding lending.

You may be purchasing your first home, or wondering how a Mortgage Adviser can help. Perhaps you are looking at taking out a loan to buy a business or farm? Maybe you have had a loan application declined from your bank. We would love to help by answering your questions and providing great, reliable lending advice.

Browse these questions or ask us your question using the email form to the right.  As experts on mortgages and loans, we would love to help. 

Why use a Mortgage Adviser? Shouldn’t I just go direct to my bank?

  1. Home loans are our business - we deal with them every day with a wide variety of lenders, so we know where you will best 'fit'. We also have a good reputation with lenders and your deal will carry our recommendation.
  2. With a mortgage adviser, you complete One Application for all banks. You do not need to provide each bank with separate forms and information.
  3. Combined, we have over 60 years’ experience in the banking industry and know what banks/financial providers are looking for.
  4. We work 7 days a week to help you achieve your financial goal.
  5. We are not owned by a bank but are independently owned and work for you to find the best home loan deal.
  6. We use a wide variety of lenders and we have the ability to negotiate the best deal for you: be it interest rates, cash contributions, or re-submission of a loan deal that may have been declined.
  7. You provide the information and we do the work.
  8. The lenders pay our commission. 99% of our mortgage deals are paid for by the banks. If there are any costs associated with a non-standard loan we will always be upfront about this, enabling you to decide if you wish to take the matter further.
  9. With this mortgage broker there is no ’product flogging’. Because we are independent our goal is to look after you.
  10. At Rapson Loans & Finance Ltd, both our advisers belong to  Financial Advice New Zealand (formerly PAA ,IFA & NZFAA) Chris Rapson is a Registered Financial Adviser (RFA) and Tristan Hewett is an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). A copy of their Disclosure Statements are available on request and free of charge.