Home Loan Mortgages & Refinancing

If you are purchasing a home or looking to refinance your existing mortgage, please talk to our highly experienced team at Rapson Loans & Finance Ltd first.

We will walk you through the process and show you some great ways to go about this important decision that will save you money and stress and negotiate a better deal because of our experience and credibility with the lenders.

View our First Home Buyers Guide or our Buyer Tips for Lending to learn more about loans and mortgages.

Why use a mortgage adviser  to act in your best interests when looking for a home loan?

This question has often been raised when clients are referred to us and without doubt the main reasons are: 

  1. We are vastly experienced in the mortgage market and we know what to look for and how to package your deal to best effect.
  2. Our service to you for housing loans is FREE. The banks all know that they get quality business that has been fully authenticated through the Adviser channel and they provide a commission payment to us for bringing them your business.
  3. Our service is prompt. We deal with a dedicated team of broker unit assessors at each bank and they provide us with fast turnarounds.
  4. We provide a range of services that sit alongside the mortgage and we ensure that you know what the options are as you make important decisions in this process.
  5. Because we are presenting a lot of deals to each of the banks every month they will negotiate with us and we usually achieve a better outcome from the bank as they contribute towards fees and other incentives. It makes sense; if you undertake this negotiation yourself, you may get to negotiate once every 5-10 years whereas we are negotiating on a daily basis.
  6. We take the hassle out of the process for you. Let our experience work for you to ensure that you get the deal you deserve.
  7. We are very well connected with numerous trustworthy & reliable professional advisors that we are happy to refer you to or suggest their services to you. They are all longstanding advisors and they provide valuable advice and input on one of your most important decisions. (Included in this group are Registered Property Valuers, Registered Property Inspectors, Certified Builders, Solicitors, Accountants, Property Managers, and other related activities)

Refinancing your Loan

Refinancing from your current mortgage provider can come about for many reasons:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home Improvements and upgrades to property including subdivision
  • Purchase of additional property
  • Lack of flexibility being provided by existing lender
  • Going into business or looking to grow your business
  • Better loan structuring available with a new lender
  • Restructuring of loan repayments on account of changed income situation
  • Better interest rates on offer at a new lender
  • Your situation has been previously faced by many others and so you should not be discouraged from refinancing on your first enquiry

Mortgage refinancing

As mentioned above, Mortgage Refinancing is often necessary. Clients wishing to refinance their mortgage from one lender to another are often unsure of how to go about the process and do not want to be involved in drawn out discussions with their current lender. We have a simple process and take care of all the negotiations/refince requirements allowing the client to maintain their normal  daily life without having to justify their reasons for requesting change. Our experience in dealing with the many & varied situations that we have successfully handled for clients over many years, plus our daily interaction with numerous mortgage providers, means our know-how is available to you. This provides you with confidence to get an affordable loan knowing that we can assist in nearly every situation.

We understand that every individual mortgage situation is unique and we will listen carefully to fully understand your current position so that we can advise and assist in the most appropriate and relevant fashion to secure you the best mortgage outcome possible.

Are you experiencing refinancing hurdles?

Sometimes bank staff are not as sympathetic to your situation as they might be. They will try to dissuade you from your preferred course of action because they personally have an issue with your financial direction. Our view is that every situation is unique and is constantly changing. This industry is not a “one size fits all” proposition and so you should step away from the presentation of the deal and let us take care of it for you. Remember our service to you for home finance is FREE.

We have very deep experience across the full spectrum of financing requirements and know how to package the right deal.

Bank staff are employed to try and retain your business. You may take a business proposal to the bank in order to arrange some business funding. Unless you happen to encounter someone on the front line who is sufficiently knowledgeable to understand and interpret your request in your best interests, it is simply a lottery. You need knowledge experience and guidance from a professional to get to the desired outcome.

Recent declined loan turned into a success

Recently a bank customer approached her bank for funding to buy a home for her own occupation and was declined on the grounds that it was “too much borrowing” This lady is now a loyal client of ours because all that was required was a simple restructure of existing facilities. We made a fresh approach to her bank and were able to arrange a pre-approved mortgage facility at a higher level than the client had originally thought feasible.

At times banks look to retain business by imposing the full penalty interest allowed under their fixed rate contract with you. We have often been successful in negotiating this penalty into the deal with a new bank in exchange for a lengthy period with the new lender. Again knowledge & experience are key factors in achieving good outcomes.