Meet the Team: Diana McIntyre

Diana McIntyre recently joined Rapson as our Insurance Adviser, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to helping individuals and businesses secure their futures.


Specialising in Personal Insurance which includes Life Cover, Trauma Cover, Income Protection, Total Permanent Disability Cover and Health Protection as well as Business Insurance such as Key Person Protection, Shareholder Protection and Buy/Sell Insurance, Diana is dedicated to offering comprehensive insurance solutions tailored to meet all your personal and business needs and protect your future.

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Protecting Your Future

Having the right insurance cover in place is crucial for providing options when life takes an unexpected turn, rather than leaving you with none. Robust risk insurance can empower you to face life’s challenges head-on. It can alleviate the vulnerability and uncertainty that can occur when your health, income, or personal stability is compromised. Diana understands the importance of resilience and preparedness. She is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses secure their future through comprehensive insurance solutions, ensuring you have the support and options you need when it matters most.

Strategic Approach

Her strategic approach focuses on understanding your life or business goals beyond just paperwork and premiums. Diana provides solutions that empower you to proactively face future challenges while securing your life and achievements. She loves working with dynamic businesses and hardworking Kiwis to ensure they have the right insurance coverage they need—and nothing they don’t.

Experience and Insight
Diana’s career spans a diverse array of skills and industries, enabling her to pinpoint your blind spots and provide genuine, insightful advice. She prioritises ensuring clients derive real value from their insurance policies. If a claim needs to be made, you can rest assured that Diana is a straight shooter, highly driven to get results and supports you every step of the way.

Get in Touch
Don’t wait until a crisis emerges to insure your most important asset— yourself. Get in touch with Diana today to discuss how she can help you secure a solid foundation of strength, confidence, and support during tough times.

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