Refinancing Your Mortgage and Loan?

Situations change. Whether it’s a ‘top-up’ or change for mortgage interest rates, we can help.

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If you’re wanting to refinance, we’ll work with you to provide a recommendation that’s best for you and your individual situation. Looking at your financial situation, we take a number of things into consideration such as your income and expenses, what rates you are currently paying, the structure of your loan/s and your objectives. Ultimately, we find the best mortgage solution.

There are a number of reasons you might want to look at refinancing.

• Debt consolidation through lower interest rates
• Home improvements and upgrades to property including sub division
• Purchase of additional property
• Lack of flexibility being provided by existing lender

• Going into business or looking to grow your business
• Better loan structuring available with a new lender
• Restructuring of loan repayments on account of changed income situation
• Better interest rates on offer at a new lender 

Whatever your reason, the friendly, experienced team of financial advisers at Rapson Loans & Finance can help!

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Securing a mortgage can be quite stressful. Here at Rapson Loans & Finance, our goal is to take any pain points away from you and walk alongside you on this journey. We guide you through this process and work with you to provide a loan deal that is tailored to you and your personal situation. We’ll show you some great ways to go about this important decision and save you money, and negotiate a better deal because of our experience and credibility with lenders.

Desired Outcome
What is it you are wanting to achieve? Whether it’s finance for a first home, a new build, your next home, an investment or refinancing, we can help you achieve your goal.

Discovery Phase
We’re top Mortgage Brokers based in Tauranga, but we work with clients all across New Zealand and overseas. Regardless of your location, we take the time to understand you, your situation and what your financial goals are. We can then provide a solution that is best suited for you, no-one else.

Application Process
Mortgage application processes can feel daunting, but we guide you through this process so that it’s straightforward and you don’t need to worry! You complete a short application providing relevant information to support you submission.

Initial Assessment
We review your mortgage application and all the details you have provided. We will then communicate to you, in plain English, what we feel is the best recommendation for you and your situation.

Submission to Lender
We take care of the submission for you. We provide all the necessary paperwork to the lender for approval.

Outcome Delivered
We are in regular communication with you in regard to the outcome and approval from the lender. 

Post Approval
We’ll proactively work for you to negotiate the best possible lending rates, individualised to your situation and needs.


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