Brooke Reynolds, Elite Women 2023 Winner!

Our Director and Financial Adviser, Brooke Reynolds has recently been awarded an ‘Elite Women 2023’ winner! And we couldn’t be prouder of Brooke.

These awards acknowledge leading women of influence in workplaces and those who help shape the mortgage industry. And Brooke certainly does that!

She’s continually striving to make herself, our team and the industry better. She’s had a great career so far and we know there’s lots more to come. Starting off as a relief teller in Morrinsville many years ago, she has progressed through the industry.

Brooke has held various roles within the finance sector with increasing responsibility, with her biggest achievement to date - her appointment as Director at Rapson Loans & Finance.

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Women of Influence

These awards were centred on women of influence within the mortgage industry. Brooke shares her thoughts on what makes a woman of influence. “To me, a woman of influence is someone who does the right thing and stays true to themself. It’s about celebrating others’ successes, as well as showing people how it is that you behave, to be successful.
Sharing knowledge is a big one for me – giving others opportunities and not putting yourself on a pedestal or thinking you’re better than someone else. But rather, someone who empowers others to grow and passes on their knowledge to help others better themselves.
A woman of influence is someone who recognises and appreciates every role and every doer in the company. It doesn’t matter what your job is, but everyone is in this together and works collaboratively for the greater good. In summary, the ethos that no one is better than anyone else”.
And that’s why we love Brooke! Her leadership skills, her passion to pass on her knowledge to the rest of the team, her positivity and her ability to see opportunities where others can’t, is what makes her so unique.

Feelings of Job Security are High

As mentioned, this recession is different to most. The high cost of living is making most of us feel like we’re going backwards, however, for many, the feeling of job security is still high. This doesn’t mean that everyone that has a job is doing great, but it does mean that there’s still some confidence for purchases to be made at different monetary values from a product to a car or even a home.
And high job security means people who have been sitting back waiting for interest rates to fall, have been earning (and saving) during this time. This means there’s a potential queue of delayed house buyers ready to come into the market. (Admittedly there are also some people who may have used that money that was earmarked for a house deposit and spent it on the likes of overseas travel!)

Strong Work Ethic & Solutions Focused

Anyone that has met Brooke, knows she has a strong work ethic and she’s committed, in her own words to “doing as much as possible” to achieve success for her clients.
With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Brooke has worked through tough times such as the Global Financial Crisis, the Christchurch Earthquake and more recently the pandemic and current economic situation. Throughout all these times, she has remained solutions focused and always centred on what can be done, and the answer is always something, not nothing. That’s just the sort of person Brooke is. She never sees things as ‘failures’ but rather opportunities to learn from and to keep trying different options until she finds the right one. Our team greatly benefits from this mindset and her calmness!
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The Future

Continuing on with Brooke’s desire to help people, she has big ideas for the future. These ideas are centred around making the industry better and taking pressure of the new advisers starting off.
But she’s currently committed to her team and her clients, she just needs to find the time to put her vision into action.But we know Brooke and we know it’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’!

Congratulations Brooke – keep up the awesome work, stay true to yourself and we say “watch this space!”.

If you’d like to get in touch with Brooke directly and benefit from her expertise, contact her on: