Don’t Arrange a Mortgage on Your Own

Think you’ll just arrange a mortgage on you own? Before you head down that road, take a moment to think about using Rapson, a trusted mortgage adviser instead.

Take the Pain Away

Buying a home can be a stressful scary task, especially if you have no direct support from someone who has experience.
Let our team help you ‘get it right’ for the purchase of your home and get a better deal with a lender than you can on your own.

Needing Lending Advice and Savings?

Dont Arrange
We are independent from all lenders and banking institutions and our advice in the majority of cases is free.
We are here to work for you. We can answer your questions, and after careful assessment, advise you on the most appropriate way forward.
Try our Mortgage Calculator to work out loan repayments or find out how much you can borrow for your home.

We Help Your Navigate the Lending Process

We can assist you through each stage of the lending process. It’s best to involve us before you start looking for your home.
Our mortgage finance help may include arranging pre-approved finance or simply setting the upper purchase ceiling that matches your unique situation.
Once you know what your maximum purchase price is you can confidently negotiate with people looking to sell their homes in the knowledge that what you are proposing is within your means and matches your situation.

TIP: Before falling in love with a property, be certain that your finance is approved, and you can afford the payments.

We will negotiate the final mortgage details with the bank, help set up your loan structure and provide ongoing help and advice to manage your mortgage and to make the most of your situation to improve your equity.
We help you through the whole process, if necessary, referring you to recommended professionals such as valuers, lawyers, home inspectors, insurance brokers and real estate agents. Our job is to make the process as simple as possible and to use our experience for your benefit.

Second Chance Home Buyer KiwiSaver Withdrawal

Please note: you have to leave $1000 in your KiwiSaver Account and any money that has been transferred into your KiwiSaver Account form a complying Australian Superannuation scheme cannot be used.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way!

There are many forks in the road towards successfully arranging a mortgage: many banks and other lenders, many mortgage products and different loan structures etc. If you go down this road on your own it is difficult to know whether you have got the best deal possible or even if your loan really suits your situation. Obtaining a mortgage is a long term commitment, so don’t get financially stuck – ask us for help from the start!
Every week we are approached to assist mortgage customers who have had unsatisfactory service from their bank or been declined for a mortgage when clearly they should have been approved as borrowers.
We are here to work for you and after our initial conversation we will tell you up front if you are likely to be approved as a borrower and at what level. We prepare and present your application to make it simple for the bank or lender to say yes. Not all banks have the same lending criteria and we advise you on the reasons we approach various lenders.
We’re here to help you, it’s what we do! Talk to us today.