KiwiSaver Investment Portfolios

Beneficial in supporting life’s big goals. Ensure your KiwiSaver funds are set up right, for your needs.

Why have a kiwisaver account?

It is a retirement savings scheme which you can normally access after the age of 65, and KiwiSaver can be used as a deposit on your first home.

Having a KiwiSaver Account is only part of the equation; making sure you have the account set up and your KiwiSaver funds managed the best way for you and your situation, is really important.

Providers and types of kiwisaver funds

We work with two professional, reputable, Kiwi-owned KiwiSaver providers:

Booster KiwiSaver Scheme and kōura. Both offer different KiwiSaver Funds, based on your needs.

Within our Booster KiwiSaver Scheme, there are types of funds which you can choose to place your KiwiSaver deposits.

These funds include:

Conservative Fund – Includes Enhanced Cash Fund, Capital Guaranteed Fund, Default Saver Fund, Moderate Fund and Socially Responsible Investment Moderate Fund.

Balanced Fund – Includes Balanced Fund and Socially Responsible Investment Balanced Fund.

Growth Fund – Includes Balanced Growth Fund, Shielded Growth Fund, High Growth Fund, Socially Responsible Investment High Growth Fund and Geared Growth Fund.

kōura has nine different funds which can be combined to develop a personalised portfolio.

These fund types include:

Core Growth Funds – includes NZ Equities Fund, US Equities Fund, Emerging Markets Fund and Rest of the World Fund.

Core Income Funds – include Cash Fund and Fixed Interest Fund.

Speciality Growth Funds – include Property Funds, Clean Energy Fund and Carbon Neutral Cryptocurrency Fund.

Providers and types of kiwisaver funds

Looking at the number of years before you can access your KiwiSaver savings (e.g. for a first home withdrawal or retirement) is one of the key factors when determining what fund or funds would be best for you. But don’t worry, we will go through all of this with you, so you understand how it works and what is more suited for your situation.
We’re based in Tauranga but work alongside you, wherever you are in New Zealand. We provide information based on investment strategy, risk return profile and your financial goals, so you can make the best decision for you, no one else.
Set Your KiwiSaver Account Up YOUR Way.
You might have heard people talk about using their KiwiSaver account as a deposit to secure their first home…let’s explore this some more.