Looking to move to the Bay of Plenty? Well, you've come to the right place!

A number of people are considering moving to our part of the world…and we don't blame them as it's an awesome place to live!

The drive to come to the sunny Bay of Plenty can be stemmed by a number of things such as: • Personal Choices – people moving for work, to be nearer to family, or to retire. • Financial Benefits – such as selling a home in a large city and either downsizing or getting something cheaper here to get more financial freedom, or • COVID related – especially those living in Auckland who feel like they just want to be out of the city.

Whatever your reason for deciding on, or even considering, to call Bay of Plenty ‘Home’, Rapson Loans & Finance can support you with this move. Our highly experienced and professional team can help with your loan, mortgage and insurance needs.

Bay Plenty

We’ve got Local Knowledge

Rapson Loans & Finance was established in Tauranga in 2007 and we’ve been servicing the Bay of Plenty and beyond since then.

We’re Well Networked

We can save you time and take away the stress – we can provide great networks and connections with other professionals in the Bay.

We Understand Your Situation

Benefit from our unique team. We’re the perfect mix of locals, born and bred in the Bay, as well as those who have moved here, like you’re doing (or considering).

We’re Flexible

We connect with you in the way that suits YOU! We’re flexible with hours, days and ways to catch up – Zoom, email, phone, face to face.
As trusted independent financial advisers, we provide the ultimate service. We’re committed to providing the best tailor-made solutions, that fit you and your situation.