Real Estate and Finance Experience, the Ideal Combination!

It's our much-loved mortgage broker, Michelle Schwab's one year anniversary with us at Rapson!

We thought we'd share her journey with you, as Mich (as she's known) has both real estate and finance experience which has proven advantageous in our line of work.

We all know, you can’t beat local knowledge and Mich has that in bucket loads for the Bay of Plenty! She’s born and bred in Otūmoetai Tauranga, did all her schooling here and in fact, her parents are still living in their original family home! While Mich enjoyed living in the Sunshine Coast for a number of years, she returned to Otūmoetai just over 12 months ago.
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Local Knowledge

Local knowledge is exceptionally beneficial when purchasing a home (location, location, location!) and securing a mortgage. Mich has all the supporting contacts you might need when purchasing a home like real estate agents, accountants, lawyers, valuers and insurance.

Beneficial Experience

Mich has held several roles both in New Zealand and Australia and the experience she has gained is utilised everyday in her job as a financial adviser/mortgage broker. In addition to her valuable experience in real estate, there’s her finance and lending experience fine tuned during her time working in vehicle and commercial finance and at Loan Market. Mich has also owned her own companies – being self-employed has assisted her greatly in her current role in regard to budgeting as well as knowing how to read financials for home loan lending policies.
In regard to her experience in home lending, Mich says she always ensures she recommends the one lender for a client that best suits their needs, objectives and goals, no one else’s.

Advice for First Home Buyers

Mich’s experience as a Real Estate Sales Agent is very handy in her current role, particularly for first home buyers. Mich can guide you every step of the way and give you tips and tricks for your own situation, how to negotiate, what to look for in a property, questions to ask the agent, what to enter on the sale and purchase (S&P) agreement etc.
A summary of Mich’s top tips for First Home Buyers:
– Nail your deposit and budget (don’t worry, Mich can help you with this!)
– Lenders love genuine savings! No matter how much it is, if you are putting money aside every pay to go towards to your home, that’s preferrable.
– Get Pre-Approval first- Mich can help you navigate the home loan process.
– Do an ABC with a mortgage broker before your start looking at homes.

Personable & Professional

Mich is personable, caring, empathetic, efficient and hard working. She’s one of those genuine awesome humans and treats everyone as if they were a family member (she obviously gets on well with her family!)
Given the fact no two deals are the same, this eliminates any repetitive nature from her job, which Mich loves as she’s one who welcomes challenges and finding solutions!

The Last Word…

We decided to give Mich the last word…and we must say, it’s a great one, and one she lives by.
“There are two types of pain you will go through in life, the pain of discipline and the pain of regret. Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tonnes”.
If you’d like to get in touch with Michelle and benefit from her expertise, contact her on:
michelle sc