The value of a mortgage broker when your bank declines your mortgage application

Does this scenario sound like you? You've gone to your bank and submitted a mortgage application. They've come back with a DECLINED. No doubt you're annoyed, frustrated, confused…and still in need of a mortgage! And at a loss as what to do next.

Well, the good news is, this isn’t the end of the road and doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get a mortgage application approved at this bank, or from another lender. But it’s definitely a situation where reaching out to a mortgage broker can be of great value to you.

decline mortgage
We had a situation recently where our client had the ‘declined’ experience and didn’t know how to move forward. We worked with them, took the time to understand their financial situation and personal circumstances, and were able to achieve an APPROVED mortgage application, at the same bank they had been declined from.

What value did we add as a mortgage broker?

The key factors that helped in this particular situation, and others similar, centred on four key factors:


This is a big one and is twofold. First there’s the understanding of ‘why’ your mortgage application was declined. We can work through this with you, as in some cases, it’s something that can be overturned with additional information.
Also, the second part is us understanding you and your personal situation. When we submit your mortgage application as a mortgage broker, we’re able to add some commentary and narrative around the application. This provides really important context, which is not always obvious in the numbers and financials you may have submitted independently.


The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to be successful in whatever it is you’re doing in life. And mortgage applications are similar. As a mortgage broker we can provide clarity around all the documentation you need, and any valuable supporting paperwork that will make your application as robust as possible. It’s often daunting when submitting by yourself and there’s cases where you might not really understand what the lender is asking for and you just submit what you ‘think’ they are looking for.


We have strong relationships with key people at all the main banks and many non-bank lenders. This mean we can pull on those relationships and have access to the decision makers more easily and efficiently.
Lenders have a set process and criteria for what they check against when deciding on mortgage applications. However, in some cases, it can be different depending on the individual lender’s experience level and risk appetite.


We’ve got over 50 years’ experience which is exceptionally valuable in these situations. We understand the details of a mortgage application, can speak the same language as the lenders and also know what specifically to request when working through the application, based on experience in similar situations.