What you need to know about non-bank lenders

We are independent from all lenders and banking institutions, therefore, we work for you, no one else. But what does this mean and how does this benefit you?

More than main bank lenders

Being an independent adviser means we are not limited to just offering loans and mortgages from the main banks. We are able to tap into our network of trusted non-bank lending organisations so that we can find the solution that best suits our clients.

What is a non-bank lender?

In New Zealand a non-bank lender is a financial institution that provides finance, but cannot offer deposit accounts as it doesn’t hold a New Zealand banking licence. They are trusted lending organisations that are regulated by fewer government bodies, which in turn means they have more flexibility when structuring loans or mortgages.

What does this mean for you?

Simply put, we can find a better solution for you because we have a wider range of options to choose from.
It also means that the majority of times, our service to you for housing loans is FREE. The lenders all know that they get quality business that has been fully authenticated through their Adviser channel and they usually provide a commission payment to us for bringing them your business.

Who uses non-bank lenders?

A non-bank lending option can be the perfect solution for a wide range of financial situations. Whether you are a first home buyer, business operator, developer or an investor, non-bank lending could offer you a product or repayment structure that is better suited to your financial state right now.

Who do you talk to?

Us! We have a wealth of experience in providing unique financial solutions for a wide range of customer situations. We can secure funding from all of the major Australian owned banks and also from trusted non-bank lenders.

For a no obligation chat, call us on 07 577 1209 or complete the online form here